Friday, February 23, 2024

Stc and Huawei announce plans to jointly establish a Cloud & Core Infrastructure Collaboration

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Barcelona, Spain: stc Group, the digital enabler, and Huawei Cloud Core Network product line signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish a Cloud & Core Infrastructure Collaboration (CIC) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. This signing ceremony marks the beginning of a friendly partnership between Cloud infrastructure team and Huawei Cloud Core Network team for the next decade.

The MOU was signed by stc Vice President of Technology Strategy & Architecture Sector, Khaled Aldharrab, and COO of stc Global Key Account, Qiangli Qiu. The signing ceremony was attended by officials from the high-level representatives from the stc and Huawei.

The CIC will serve as a platform for the development of new cloud & core technologies and solutions that can benefit the telecommunications industry in Saudi Arabia, will leverage the strengths of stc, Huawei, and other relevant parties to accelerate the traffic migration towards Telco Cloud, turn concepts into prototype solutions and iterate them to transform them into solutions that are ready for commercialization.

“We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Cloud & Core Infrastructure Collaboration, which will serve as a catalyst for collaboration in the telecommunications industry in Saudi Arabia,” said Khaled Aldharrab. “We believe that the CIC will create a collaborative environment where we can work with our partners to develop telco cloud related new technologies and solutions that will help us deliver world-class telecommunications services to our customers.”

Qiangli Qiu also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are committed to working closely with stc to help them achieve their goals of providing world-class telecommunications services to the people of Saudi Arabia. The establishment of the Cloud & Core Infrastructure Collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to collaboration and excellence.”

Huawei’s Cloud Core Network is built on a cloud-native architecture that enables it to deliver superior performance, scalability, and agility. The company is committed to continuing its investment in research and development to drive the evolution of cloud and core networks.

The CIC is a significant step forward for both companies and for the telecommunications industry in Saudi Arabia. It demonstrates the willingness of stc and Huawei to collaborate on projects that can help drive growth and progress in the industry. With the support of stc’s cloud relevant departments and partners, the CIC will be able to convert ideas into tangible solutions that can bring real value to customers.


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