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Tatler’s weekly horoscope: February 19-25

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With Venus making dynamic contact with Pluto, how will it affect your week? Tatler’s astrologer De Rui gives us a look ahead

The next two weeks highlight the role of compassion and sensitivity with a New Moon in Pisces on Monday after the Sun moves into the sign. This is a time to explore connections and intuitions, the things that can only be felt and cannot be seen. Surrender and sacrifice, or exploration of these themes, could also play out. Take time out to contemplate the spiritual and deeper meanings.

Venus makes dynamic contact to Pluto just before it moves out of Pisces on Monday. This lends intensity to our relationships and desires. It can seem more urgent and important that we get what we want, whether it’s a piece of candy or a job promotion. In relationship, now is also a good time to have new interactions in order to take things to a deeper level.

Energetic discussions cut to the chase and give food for thought. New ideas may come into the mix that had not been considered before. Planning and organisation is supported at this time and could lead to highly productive efforts. Use words to create healing and harmony, rather than sow division and hurt.

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